Dan, worked with us tirelessly to meet our deadlines and unique home buying situation. He made sure to explain everything in dept, as well as expidiate processes to allow us to get the house of our dreams. Dan is very knowledgeable and patient and we are very appreciative for all of his hard work.

Andrea D.

Dan Rogers was very helpful throughout the whole process of obtaining a new mortgage. If I ever had a question or concern he was always available and put my mind at ease. He was very thorough and accurate to almost the dollar! Not to mention our mortgage was processed in record time. Thanks Dan!

Kevin E.

Dan took the time I needed to understand some of the documents that I was unfamiliar with. He was very thorough and extremely professional. He even came to my office for me to sign papers. Dan kept me completely informed and up-to-date on every step of the approval process and set the expectations for closing a loan when the time came to complete the purchase. I would like to add that he also secured a very attractive interest rate for me and I will recommend him whenever possible.

Bev M