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Do You Qualify For A HARP Loan?

If you're a homeowner with little or no equity or are among those who pay your mortgage on time monthly but are still "upside-down," then a HARP loan may be right for you. Check out these benefits of a HARP loan:

• Qualified homeowners can refinance to a lower interest rate even when underwater.

• Save on appraisal costs. You may be able to bypass a traditional appraisal process and use an automated home value system instead, saving you money in service fees.

• Move to a fixed-interest rate. If your ARM mortgage payments are no longer possible to keep up with, moving to a HARP loan can lower your payments and give you the security of a fixed rate.

 •Streamline the refinance process. The HARP application process is simpler than a traditional loan and requires less documentation.

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